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New gTLD Consulting

You want to apply for Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program

At the moment of this publication, it is unknown when a future round starts. A date could be announced in the middle of 2018. Not even ICANN can tell.

This does not mean that you should not start considering applying and this can start now. There are calculations that you can do and questions that you can have:
  1. Don't tell anyone about your idea: "Round One" clearly demonstrated that this was a very bad idea. I strongly suggest not to contact ANY Backend Registry/Consultants/Registrars/Domain name specialists/Registries to ask them the question about your TLD: they all know each other and your idea of a project could just then appear in their next list of applications for Round Two of the ICANN new gTLD program. It is not mandatory to name your TLD to consult a professional.
  2. What is the audience covered by the generic string you want to submit ICANN your application to?
  3. Do you think that 1% of this audience would register a domain name of yours?
  4. What is the number of ".com" domain names which include your string in their second level domain?
  5. Do you want to sell domain names as fast as possible to generate income or do you already know that it will take time to sell? If you want to sell domain names fast, I suggest that you do not submit an application.
  6. If your TLD concerns an identified community: are you the highest authority of this community?
  7. What is someone applies for the same domain name extension: are you informed and prepared about...what to do?
  8. What if someone submits an application for the same string but with an "s" (plural version of your TLD): what to do?
  9. Round One of the ICANN new gTLD program revealed the list of its domain name name extensions in mid-2012 and we are in 2017. Some domain name extensions have not been launched yet: will you have the budget to last so long before selling domain names if the sames happens in future rounds?
  10. Do you think Registrars will do the communication for you? Think twice.
  11. You want to apply for your ".BRAND" new gTLD: if Round One of the program was (and still is) complex for Trademarks to acquire their own Top-Level Domains (new domain name extension), Round Two should be far more efficient and offer a faster procedure to submit an application but do you know what to do with your .TRADEMARK? Do you know how much hit will cost to maintain?
There are more questions to have prior to submitting an application but the right way to start is to sit around a table and write your questions on the board.

Read this and contact us if you think that we can help.

Which Top-Level Domains should I consider submitting ICANN an application to?

Since 2008, we studied which domain name extensions had a potential. Basically: which are the TLDs we believe that submitting an application would be of interest?
We wrote a list of 30 new generic Top-Level Domains that we would apply for if we could finance them in round two of the ICANN new gTLD program. We sell that list for €850,00 and we are open to discuss its content.

How to order:

  1. Click on "Buy Now" below and follow the payment procedure;
  2. We will receive an email with confirmation of payment;
  3. We will send you the list by email.

What you will receive:

  • A word file with the list of domain name extensions;
  • One line of explanation why we believe there is interest in each TLD;
  • Answers to your questions.

What you should know before you buy:

  • Some of the generic Top-Level Domains from that list are "multilingual", some are in French and some others are in English;
  • There are generic and geographic TLDs. Some could even represent a community;
  • This list is expensive because it contains projects with potential for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program.

You want to acquire a new gTLD before Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program

This is a question that I receive more and more and I personally would not be surprised to see more applications submitted in the next ICANN new gTLD round.

All TLDs are available for sale, it is just a matter of submitting the right offer with the right the right person.

From time to time, some TLDs are made available for sale during private auctions.