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Domain Name Consulting

Registrar Change

Whether you are a major Trademark with small knowledge of domain names or someone owning a large domain name portfolio, you might consider changing your Corporate Registrar: sometimes because the price you pay for your domain names has become too expensive; sometimes because you speak - let's say - French and your Registrar picks up the phone and answers you in another language; sometimes because the level of service you pay for is just not there; sometimes because you do not need a high level of service and a Retail Registrar could be a good solution too... 

Asking a quotation to another Registrar can be a good move but it involves meeting with his/her sales person, discuss your needs, say "no" if the offer is not a good one (and you don't like to say "no").

Buying/Recovering a domain name

It is unrealistic to think that someone would need a third party to register a domain name, but what if this domain name is already registered?

Many retail and Corporate Registrars offer such service: it is quite a common one but there are different ways to consider for the acquisition of a domain name:
  1. Register the domain name if it is free to register;
  2. Make a direct offer, either by email to the Registrant or through a proxy (your Registrar or other service provider);
  3. Bid online when that is possible (and it is often the case);
  4. When you have a prior right (ie: you own the same Trademark), do a legal procedure like a UDRP, a URS, a PARL, a SYRELI... There are many;
  5. ...
When the solutions above don't match, there are other alternatives to consider prior to doing anything:
  • Direct negotiation: owners/sellers of domain names are sometimes known because it is their job to resell domain names. Once identified, it can be much faster to deal directly with them with the right level of speech: it also happens that they perfectly know when they have "crossed the line". In this case, the negotiation is more efficient. I once recovered a trademarked domain name registered in the name of a platform in aftermarket domain sales. It took me two weeks between the ignition of my procedure to the end of the transfer.
  • Exchange of domain name: another solution can be to share a domain name for another, domain investors are sometimes open to this too.


  • Domain name policy;
  • Daily administrative and technical domain name portfolio management;
  • Within the company: organizing and managing the domain name portfolio;
  • Branding: domain name in the Trademark creation process;
  • Which domain name extension for which industry sector?
  • Blogging: launch and blog with your domain name in one day.