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New Generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs) and Domain Names in general can be difficult to understand and it happens that Non-Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations don't necessarily have the people nor the money and time to spend on such questions.

Free Consulting

At Jovenet Consulting, we offer such Consulting to NGOs and NPOs for Free and will be answering all kind of questions by email or on the phone.

Which questions?

We are happy to share our experience with Corporate and Retail Registrars, Registries, buying domain names, setting-up domain names, managing domain name portfolios, creating new gTLDs and answering questions such as:
  • A "domain name": why?
  • Which Registrar should I register my domain name with?
  • Which Corporate Registrar offers a good service?
  • Which retail Registrar offers support and cheap prices?
  • How do I link my domain name to my website or blog?
  • Where and how can I create a blog with a domain name?
  • What kind of domain name extension should I use for my domain name?
  • The domain name I want to register is taken: what now?
  • I am not listed as the registrant of my domain name: why? What should I do?
  • How do I redirect my domain name?
  • How important is the domain name in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • Is it important to register my trademark in the trademark Clearinghouse?
  • Where do I start to create a new generic Top-Level Domain?
  • Who can help me to submit my new gTLD application to ICANN?
  • What is a back-end Registry provider?
  • A new gTLD: how much is it?
  • ...

What do we ask in return?

Just "share" the info, we're happy to help.