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Prepare for "Round 2" of the ICANN new gTLD program

This is an offer dedicated to one single new gTLD service provider who wants to be present before and during Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program with a high visibility and develop sales. Two offers:
  1. A sponsorship offer
  2. An offer to install a presence in France for THE CLIENT
  1. Sponsorship offer
    The idea is to sponsor Jovenet Consulting to do the promotion of THE CLIENT: its list of TLDs and its services related to new gTLDs (.BRAND offer, Back end Registry...)
    1. Visibility: Hyperlink + CLIENT's logo positioned on:
      1. front page of (IE: “apply for your .BRAND new gTLD”);
      2. daily Newsletter (sent once a day at 8:PM CET);
      3. all 18 report pages from Jovenet Consulting (frequently promoted by Jean Guillon).
    2. Daily Newsletter:
      1. top banner (468x60) pointing to a CLIENT's offer;
      2. a reference to one of THE CLIENT's client (ie: .REGISTRY logo + link...) in each letter sent.
    3. Publications:
      1. One article per month is written in French (or in English) about a content related to THE CLIENT or one of its clients to which is added a reference to THE CLIENT (ie: “Why use a .REGISTRY domain name”?).
    4. Social networks:
      1. All publications written by THE CLIENT or Jean Guillon, blog posts, press releases...are promoted on Jean Guillon exclusive new gTLD network:
        1. Twitter (with dedicated hashtags), G+, Viadeo (when in French);
        2. LinkedIn to the corresponding groups related to the content of the article (investors, new trends, business content, etc...)
      2. Shared management of THE CLIENT's Twitter account.
    5. THE CLIENT's Newsletter:
      1. A personalized newsletter focusing on the subject of new gTLDs, and sent as often as required by THE CLIENT;
      2. The Newsletter is promoted by Jean Guillon to the new gTLD network;
      3. Exclusivity given to THE CLIENT as a gTLD solution provider. Sponsorship remains open to registries and registrars (domain names registration only) but no other new gTLD solution provider.

        Price: TO BE DISCUSSED

  2. Install CLIENT's presence in France
    The idea is to start developing the commercial presence of THE CLIENT in France to prepare for future rounds of the ICANN new gTLD program and focus on establishing THE CLIENT as the partner of reference for questions related to new gTLDs: dotBrand, generic, geographic and community applications, feasibility studies, back-end registry solutions, submission of an application, new gTLD marketing and communication.
    1. Included in the offer: the Sponsorship offer (see above);
    2. Cost estimation to create a branch in Paris and launch with an official address. Two objectives:
      1. find the right place at the right price ;
      2. if required: help with creating the legal structure (SARL, SAS…).
    3. Connect to the French 200 trademarks and companies with a potential for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program;
    4. Sell .BRAND new gTLD studies to the French market (already in place). See:
    5. Adapt existing communications tools to build a global new gTLD network where THE CLIENT is the international focal point:
      1. Revamp (WordPress type) to make it more professional and offer publications related to new gTLDs:
        1. legal publications;
        2. clients experience;
        3. events announcements;
        4. ...
      2. Revamp the existing new gTLDs’ Newsletter according to THE CLIENT needs for multiple segments (mix of Newsletter and THE CLIENT's Newsletter):
        1. For future new gTLD applicants;
        2. For potential partners and re sellers;
        3. For accredited Registrars;
        4. For existing Registries;
        5. For ....
        6. Option for publications in multiple languages.
    6. Elaboration of a new gTLD promotion offer. Two objectives:
      1. Attract new gTLD applicants with an added value which does not exist at other new gTLD service providers;
      2. Attract existing registries to migrate to THE CLIENT.
    7. Survey to existing French new gTLD applicants. Two objectives:
      1. Get to know exactly what is missing in their offer to elaborate a better offer;
      2. Offer to transfer to THE CLIENT.
    8. Industrialize the Jovenet Consulting method within the company to expand CLIENT's online visibility (internal education and training).
    9. French version of the THE CLIENT website:
      (talking and selling to French customers requires to speak and write their language).
      1. Proofread translations;
      2. Introduction and promotion to the French market.
    10. Communication plan to announce THE CLIENT's presence in France:
      1. to French Registrars;
      2. to Law Firms;
      3. to Trademarks.
    11. Presentation of an innovative and patented new gTLD project to THE CLIENT;
    12. Discussion and implementation of a new business model related to new gTLDs;
    13. Release of personal list of TLDs with a potential to THE CLIENT (see:;
    14. Connection to new emerging market in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    15. Create the best and most complete .BRAND new gTLD offer.

      Two possible prices:
      1. Hire Jean Guillon: PRICE TO BE DISCUSSED / year + participation
      2. Acquire Jovenet Consulting and hire Jean Guillon to benefit from the existing legal entity:
        1. Which is allowed to answer specific tenders that a back end registry or registrar cannot (IE: latest .CORSICA new gTLD tender);
        2. Which has the capacity to submit applications in future rounds without exposing THE CLIENT;
        3. which network and communication tools can be re branded as/or transferred to THE CLIENT.
          Price: MAKE AN OFFER
Offered - The new gTLD group on LinkedIn:
    1. one announcement per week to the group (2500+ subscribers);
    2. all CLIENT's announcements/news are published (ie: new products, press articles related to new gTLDs or THE CLIENT…);
    3. Innovation: the "information link" of the new gTLD group points to the URL of THE CLIENT .BRAND new gTLD offer (not Jovenet Consulting).