Accredited Registrars

This is a list of Corporate Registrars that I would trust for the management of my domain name portfolio. I have operated large domain name portfolios on both sides of the desk: as a Corporate Registrar but also as a client myself for a famous Trademark. As a person dealing with domain names, I use a Retail Registrar.

Corporate Registrars

There is a list of five providers who share the most prestigious portfolios of domain names for trademarks with a concern in protecting their assets. They have offices in various countries and look for emerging markets (new clients). For companies with a presence in a single country, I recommend using a corporate registrar based in this country. It is important to be able speak in the same language and in a similar time slot. I am happy to recommend good Corporate Registrars.

Retail Registrars

  1. I use Uniregistry (now GoDaddy) as my Registrar: the number of clicks is minimized to do any operation and that's what I like about it. It's cheap and goes straight to the point, no crap and great support.
  2. I had ccTLDs at OVH, a cheap Registrar offering small hosting (for free) with domain names but with limited support and sometimes bugs in its interface.
  3. I am testing Google Domains which just opened to the French market and I find it rather good (sad it does not yet accept ".best" domain names).