Twitter for Registries

Follow-up with a Registry on Twitter

Consumers from certain businesses want to follow-up with Registries: with their monopolistic situation, Registries are at the crossing road of their business, industry, or group of interest. Twitter is the best place to follow-up with what they say:

  • A promotion addressed to accredited registrars;

  • Availability of Premium domain names;

  • A major website relaunching and using a specific domain name extension;

  • A Sunrise Period, a qualified launch program, claims period;

  • An innovation, a new service, a new offer;

  • Etc...

Twitter is useful for Registries because it is the tool used by the specialized press to track information from them and follow up with their charismatic leaders. It is the tool used by President Trump to address the planet!

The offer:

  1. Jean Guillon tracks information related to the Registry and Tweets it combined with the right hashtags, in the name of the Registry;

  2. When relevant, Jean Guillon can distribute this information to his network re-tweeting as @jeanguillon (Jean Guillon).

  3. When a press release is a major information, it is also re-distributed on Jean Guillon's new gTLD network:

    1. Published on;

    2. Published on LinkedIn to the new gTLD group.

  4. Twitter certification for Registries (when available):

Jean Guillon initiates the procedure for the Twitter account to become certified: the blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

How it works:

  • Jean Guillon's Twitter account is added as a Contributor to the Registry's Twitter account;

  • The tool used is TweetDeck, which allows multiple people to share a Twitter account without having to share the password.