About us

Who is Jean Guillon

Born in the seventies, ​I started working in the domain name business as soon as I finished my studies. In those days we worried about developing websites, Search Engine Optimization and sometimes...Domain Names. With far too many diplomas in 3 different languages, I then wanted to do "something different and fun". Domain names offered a playfield which became the link I was looking for between the Internet and Communication: a domain name is an online identity and new gTLDs are the awaited expansion of these identities. For more details about me, you can check my experience as a Registrant, a retail and corporate Registrar and a Registry on Guillon.com. I am a French native.

A Unique Experience

I like to say that I have been a "Registrant", a "Registrar" and a "Registry". Prior to becoming a new gTLD Consultant, I had the chance to work as a Registrant to organize and manage large domain name portfolios for major Corporations, I held different positions at Corporate and Retail Registrars and launched the .EU Registry.
Then came the new gTLDs and I started selling projects and preparing several new gTLD applications.
Project dotVinum for wine registries was born too.

A Fantastic Network


The ICANN new gTLD program offers many opportunities to meet but attending ICANN conferences has a cost so I quickly came to believe that an online Network should be created. The new gTLD LinkedIn group is a networking group to that was created just for that reason: a place dedicated to interested parties which desperately need to follow the new gTLD thread. Today, it is the largest group that exists on the subject of "new generic Top-Level Domains" and, as its moderator, I publish daily.

The gTLD.club

The gTLD.club is a publication platform where I post all contents found during the day. These NEWS are sent, with the direct link to the information, in the previous day's newsletter. The Newsletter is sent every night at 8:00 PM CET. To follow the daily information related to new gTLDs, this is the Newsletter to subscribe to.

What about Jovenet Consulting?
The reason why I secured Jovenet as a Trademark is of no interest but it requires a Name to set up a company, and as a Consultant, I believe that my Company name - associated to the right domain name extension - would offer a better know how: Jovenet Consulting was born. Jovenet Consulting offers several services:
  1. New gTLD study: personalized study for .BRAND new gTLD applicants.
  2. New gTLD promotion services: this offer is dedicated to any registry willing to do a serious promotion of its new domain names.
  3. New gTLD consultancy services: "what about applying for a new domain name extension?"
  4. Domain name consulting: changing Registrar, domain name portfolio rationalization, naming policy, negotiating Premium domain names, domain name recovery, domain name portfolio analysis...
  5. Free consulting for NGOs & NPOs: we answer all questions of any kind related to domain names and new gTLDs.
  6. Premium domain names negotiation: a Premium domain name is often difficult, not only to find, but also to acquire at the right price.
  7. Want to exist in future rounds of the ICANN new gTLD program? Read this.