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New domain name extensions

New generic Top-Level Domains, from the ICANN new gTLD program, are called "new gTLDs".

These new web identities were released in 2012 and changed the web the way we know it today. Trademarks and entrepreneurs will soon be given the opportunity to submit an application to the ICANN again, to operate their own domain name extension(s).

Jovenet Consulting helps companies create their own Top-Level Domain.

The SWOT analysis is the very first step for:

  • A dotBrand (also called ".BRAND") new gTLD project;

  • A new gTLD project dedicated to selling domain names through the network of accredited Registrars;

  • The next decade's greatest idea, based on a new domain name extension.

6 major advantages to operate your .BRAND new gTLD

  1. in terms of branding: all activities are located under the exact same brand/name;

  2. in terms of security: the owner is in control of "who" is allowed to register domain names. This makes a serious difference when facing phishing and homograph attacks. HSTS is also a great solution, for those who know...

  3. in terms of costs: it is an opportunity to lower the volume of other names maintained from the domain name portfolio;

  4. in terms of trust: it gives readers the guarantee that they are on the right website: ".com" domain names can be registered by anyone. A ".brand" is a seal;

  5. in terms of availability: all domain names are available for registration. Squatting does not exist on a .BRAND (dotBrand) new gTLD since the owner decides who registers domain names.

  6. in terms of confidentiality: a domain name can be created at the last minute prior to launching the website of a new project or idea. Securing a domain name in another extension is usually done long before to avoid squatting and guaranteeing availability.

What to do with your new gTLD?

A lot was learnt from the first round of the ICANN program and if submitting an application will not be a problem in the next round, two questions should be studied as early as today:

  1. For new gTLDs dedicated to selling domain names: which generic, geographic, community or niche TLD should you apply for, and how will you organize to sell domain names?

  2. For .BRAND new gTLDs (also called "dotBrands") dedicated to Trademarks' online operations: which project once my domain name extension has been activated?


"New gTLD" stands for "new generic Top-Level Domain". We also say :"new domain name extension" for Registries which sell domain names. Trademarks qualify for "dotBrand" or ".BRAND" new gTLD applications. You will also read "Corp TLDs" sometimes.