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New gTLDs "only"

New domain name extensions, from the ICANN new gTLD program, are called "new gTLDs". These new web identities were released in 2012 and changed the web the way we know it today. Trademarks and entrepreneurs will soon be given the chance to submit an application to the ICANN again. A lot was learnt from the first round of the program and if submitting an application will not be a problem in the next round, two questions should be

  1. For new gTLDs dedicated to selling domain names: which generic, geographic, community or niche TLD should I apply for, and how will I sell domain names?
  2. For .BRAND new gTLDs (also called "dotBrands") dedicated to Trademarks' online operations: which project for my TLD?

"New gTLD" stands for "new generic Top-Level Domain". We also say :"new domain name extension" for Registries which sell domain names. Trademarks qualify for "dotBrand" or ".BRAND" new gTLD applications. You will also read "Corp TLDs" sometimes.