Tools for new gTLDs

This is a list of useful contents and tools to have a look at - or use - for parties interested in following the ICANN new gTLD program.

Trademarks and future participants willing to submit an application will find it interesting to start with having a look at our list of confusing new gTLDs.

List of tools

  1. List of confusing new gTLDs: this is a list of "extremely close" new generic Top-Level Domains which can cause confusion since the first level domain (the domain name extension) look alike. For example: domain names ending in ".ENGINEER" and ".ENGINEERING", ".DOG" and ".DOT" or ".WEB and .WED".

  2. Article explaining why it makes sense to apply for a .BRAND new gTLD to block a company from homograph attacks.

  3. The up-to-date text file of valid top-level domains maintained by the IANA (updated from time to time).

  4. Innovation: project John Wolley is a Universal Directory using a dedicated Top-Level Domain for which we are seeking funds for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program. Contact us to learn more about our business model.

  5. A patent for a Corporate Registrars (innovation): as a person who uses, plays with and tests domain names, I noticed that there are tools that I would find useful to use. There is one that I have on the paper.

  6. Bookmarks: a list of useful links related to new gTLDs (official websites for terminated agreements, new gTLD comments, etc...)

  7. Nomulus: the back-end registry solution offered by Google on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. Trademarks or entrepreneurs with technical knowledge might be tempted by such a solution to - not necessarily - lower costs to acquire their Top-Level Domain.

  8. Since Project dotVinum is now a terminated project, its website is not live anymore but we kept its content here.

  9. To discuss your coming new gTLD project (project creation of a new domain name extension) , we welcome you to fill in this form so we can discuss it.

  10. The new gTLD group on LinkedIn for questions and answers about new gTLDs.