Tools for new gTLDs

This is a list of useful contents and tools to have a look at - or use - for parties interested in following the ICANN new gTLD program.

Trademarks and future participants willing to submit an application will find it interesting to start with having a look at our list of confusing new gTLDs.

List of tools

  1. List of identified new gTLD service providers for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program.

  2. List of confusing new gTLDs: this is a list of "extremely close" new generic Top-Level Domains which can cause confusion since the first level domain (the domain name extension) look alike. For example: domain names ending in ".ENGINEER" and ".ENGINEERING", ".DOG" and ".DOT" or ".WEB and .WED".

  3. Article explaining why it makes sense to apply for a .BRAND new gTLD to block a company from homograph attacks.

  4. The up-to-date text file of valid top-level domains maintained by the IANA (updated from time to time).

  5. Innovation: project John Wolley is a Universal Directory using a dedicated Top-Level Domain for which we are seeking funds for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program. Contact us to learn more about our business model.

  6. A patent for a Corporate Registrars (innovation): as a person who uses, plays with and tests domain names, I noticed that there are tools that I would find useful to use. There is one that I have on the paper.

  7. Bookmarks: a list of useful links related to new gTLDs (official websites for terminated agreements, new gTLD comments, etc...)

  8. Nomulus: the back-end registry solution offered by Google on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. Trademarks or entrepreneurs with technical knowledge might be tempted by such a solution to - not necessarily - lower costs to acquire their Top-Level Domain.

  9. Since Project dotVinum is now a terminated project, its website is not live anymore but we kept its content here.

  10. To discuss your coming new gTLD project (project creation of a new domain name extension) , we welcome you to fill in this form so we can discuss it.

  11. The new gTLD group on LinkedIn for questions and answers about new gTLDs.