New gTLDs and Domain Names

I am no Website Designer but I have done a lot in everything that is related to "domain names".
In fact, I never did anything else in my life but working for this great and changing industry. At some point, in 2008, I started to deal with new generic Top-Level Domains (also called "new gTLDs" or "new domain name extensions").

A new gTLD Consultant

I believe that the subject of "domain names" has long been one of the most boring that Intellectual Property specialists have had to deal with.

It is still the case :-)

Today, things are different: domain names have become unavoidable for anyone involved in a position related to:
  • The Trademark;
  • Company image;
  • The launching of an online activity;
  • Webmastering;
  • Making the right choice to start using an email;
  • ...looking forward to the future.

A new gTLD publisher

Keeping an eye on information related to new gTLDs is important. We report everyday on:
  1. The latest new gTLD NEWS on gTLD.club
  2. The latest new gTLD NEWS on the gTLD.club NEWSLETTER
  3. New gTLD registration volumes with our reports
  4. The new gTLD LinkedIn Group