New gTLD bookmarks are hyperlinks pointing to useful websites connected to the ICANN new gTLD universe. The "" hyperlinks used below are redirections pointing to other external pages to this site.


  1. Official list of new gTLD application:
  2. Official list of Delegated new gTLDs:
  3. List of Terminated Registry Agreements:
  4. The Trademark Clearinghouse:
  5. Sunrise Periods:
  6. List of Requests for Reconsideration:
  7. List of Registry Agreements:
  8. Legal Rights Objections under ICANN's New gTLD Program:
  9. GAC Early Warnings:
  10. New gTLD application public comments:
  11. New gTLD applicants on the 13th of June 2012 (prior multiple changes):

All these links come from the old website.