What we do

New gTLDs "only"

Jovenet Consulting is experienced providing consultancy services for almost all questions related to new generic Top-Level Domains: .BRAND (specification 13) and new gTLDs dedicated to selling domain names through the network of accredited Registrars: community, generic and geographic new gTLDs.

Submitting an application and create a Registry is a first step and actually, it is rather easy: it should even be easier in the next Round of the ICANN new gTLD program.

Jovenet Consulting offers more than this:

  1. New gTLD Innovation

    • Is selling domain names the only way to generate an income from a Registry? No it's not and we do help with this.

    • What could I do with my .BRAND personalized domain name extension? An expensive front page? You can do much more than this.

  2. New gTLD Consulting

    • SWOT analysis to create a .BRAND new gTLD: what is my benefit to create a personalized domain name extension?

    • Who are the right new gTLD service providers to work with, to guarantee the success of my project?

  3. New gTLD Promotion

    • Thank to our work, our new gTLD reports, our publications, and our network, we have acquired a lot of visibility. Any participant in the next ICANN new gTLD program looking for more visibility should check what we offer and talk to us for:

      1. Promotion of Registries and events: announcement of new gTLD projects to potential Registrars and Registrants (end users).

      2. Promotion of new gTLD service providers (law firms, backend registries, corporate and retail registrars, new gTLD tools and new monitoring services, consultants...) to potential .BRAND applicants and interested entrepreneurs in the ICANN new gTLD program.

  4. New gTLD Reports

    • Once a month, we collect volume of domain name registrations for all new gTLDs. We offer these annual reports for a fee. All reports contains a snapshot of 12 months of registrations. All reports are available starting 2018.