Audience and "page views"

Jovenet Consulting focuses on informing about new generic Top-Level Domains "only". We like to talk about our clients on publication platforms that we own and on press articles that we write.​ Our publications and new gTLD reports are now frequently checked by an increasing number of businesses and industry professionals.

Note in the below that "PV" stands for "Page Views" and figures are dated August 2017:

  • PV: 1.970,463
  • Indexed in Google: 6,960 pages

Jovenet Consulting & new gTLD reports

  • PV: 35,729 (includes French version of the website)
  • Indexed in Google: 262 pages

Other closed websites from the Jovenet Consulting network redirected to in 2019:

  1. (redirected to in 2019)
    • PV: 398,791
    • Indexed in Google: 1,580 pages
  2. (in French)
    • PV: 121,715
    • Indexed in Google: 1,190 pages
    • PV: 292,765
    • Indexed in Google: 1,080 pages
    • PV: 7,992
    • Indexed in Google: 27 pages

Total pages views on owned websites as of August 2017: 2,936,780 (previously: 1,063,467).


Our Newsletter is sent once a week with the latest links to the new gTLD information. News are collected each day and sent at 8:00 PM CET. We send up to five Newsletter per month. All subscribers have opted-in.


The "new generic Top-Level Domains group" on LinkedIn:

  • Up to 10 discussions initiated per week;
  • 2,700+ subscribers and increasing.

Other groups:​

  • Up to 12 posts per month (articles for clients, blog posts and new gTLD reports);
  • Participation in exchanges and focusing on clients new gTLDs.

Press Releases

Press releases are never read by the right people but the competition but we also offer this when requested.

Press articles

  • Up to four per month;
  • 590,410+ views on CircleId (up to 13,400+ views per article);
  • On the French Journal Du Net.